Did you know you can stream 弗拉门戈解释 videos on the TV with Roku? If you’re a 弗拉门戈解释 subscriber 和 a Roku device user, you could be enjoying learning on your home theater or television! 阅读更多关于我如何 最后 realized this (she laughs at 和 shakes her head at herself) this morning!


Three or so months ago a subscriber wrote to us 在论坛上 和 asked “Is it possible to put a looping function on your videos? It would sure make it easier to learn some of the rhythmic patterns.” 如此伟大的要求! Especially for a tutorial learning setting, it really does make a lot of sense to have this. Additionally we’re used to being able to at least “back it up a few” on our other streaming services.


We are sometimes at the mercy of the developers of our 应用程序 还有Gpk电子游戏平台使用的视频托管服务. 如果你还不知道,Gpk电子游戏平台用 Vimeo奥特 (formerly VHX) for the 应用程序 和 the video hosting, which we absolutely LOVE. 都是大写的,爱. I am not necessarily trained as a web-developer, but I am a super nerd. 我喜欢把事情弄清楚. Creating a subscription channel 和 应用程序 was not really something I thought I could do 它是美妙的,容易吗. 或过. 哈哈! So we did a lot of research before launching 弗拉门戈解释, 和 we decided Vimeo奥特 would really be the best for us 和 for all of you. The website is built by me, but intertwined with the functionality of Vimeo奥特. Which is why sometimes I can fix or update stuff immediately 和 sometimes I can’t.

I am also learning how to play flamenco guitar.

我就是这样认识凯的. 我也很喜欢这个功能. So I wrote to the developers 和 put in a request! 然而, when I reached out to the developers about creating a loop function for the videos their response was “I’ve seen this feature on other education platforms as well. Some offer a “Quick Rewind” button to go back 10-30 seconds. Others offer to repeat the entire video over again. I’ll send this to our product team 和 have them add this to our list of requested features.”


In the meantime I did a quick fix 和 invented (thanks to the forums’ request) a 循环播放列表. 对于Gpk电子游戏平台拍摄的每个视频(假声, 帕洛斯, 节奏), I now edit an additional video where we take the slower version of the content 和 loop it ten times. I did this because I wanted this for me as a learning guitarist who also uses this site. 还行,但我动作慢. 或者,我的手指太慢了. 就像幼儿园的小朋友一样慢. 无意冒犯幼儿园小朋友. I still would like to be able to “back it up a little” without having to move much or have a lot of interference by things like a mouse 和 keyboard or scrolling with my finger. I want to just use a remote or something 和 hit a button quickly!

Today, like a beacon of light from the Universe above, it hit me.

Sometimes, 和 I don’t know why, something will just occur to me. Usually it’s when I’m sleepy 和 either just waking up or perhaps napping. This morning I was contemplating Roku 应用程序s. If YouTube has a Roku 应用程序, I wonder if Vimeo does. 如果Vimeo做到了, can it connect to our Vimeo奥特 service (which is a bit different than regular Vimeo). So I did some online sleuthing 和 holy shit! 我发现VimeoVHX有一个Roku的应用程序!!! 我怎么会不知道呢?

有人用过吗 Roku 因为他们喜欢看电视? I received Roku Express as a gift a couple of years ago 和 it’s just delightful. I’ve been a proud cable cutter since 2004, 和 no, I am not a Millennial. 无意冒犯千禧一代. Roku是有史以来最棒的东西. 它很像你的智能手机, just download an 应用程序 for whatever station you want to watch, 和 BAM there’s a whole world you can open up. 它们现在还叫车站吗? Buying a Roku is not expensive in the least. 我是35美元. 旁注:我的电视是半智能的. 我认为还有更聪明的. 我更喜欢Roku.

I can’t believe I am just now figuring this out ??

If you’re a 弗拉门戈解释 subscriber 和 a Roku device user, by downloading the VHX Roku Channel you can stream 弗拉门戈解释. And guess what… YOU CAN REWIND 10 SECONDS AT A TIME! It’s not a looping feature but it is the next best thing! 你刚才弹的是什么音符,凯? 哦,提前! I can just rewind it really easily beep-boop-bop.


1 – In your Roku home screen, search then Download the VHX by Vimeo (search term: VHX).

2 – Activate the device (it shows you how on the screen). You will be asked to login to your 弗拉门戈解释 subscription which then connects the 应用程序 to your personal subscription for watching on your television.

3 – Enjoy 弗拉门戈解释 on your television with your home theater surround sound wonderfully lacking uncomfortable computer chairs.

The downside to this is you can’t access your lists you’ve saved 和 created like you can via the desktop computer or the 应用程序, but the silver lining is all those other things I just mentioned. 也卷!! And 凯 looks really good on my 43″ television. Here are some visual aid references for those of you who like pictures (like me).